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“These elite universities are gatekeepers to the American Dream, and they are closing the gate more than they should,” said Robert D. Gilbert, managing partner at Gilbert Litigators and Counselors.

Former students sue Georgetown, Columbia and other elite universities over financial aid practices


Court filings say Robert Gilbert of Gilbert Litigators & Counselors worked for more than a year to develop the case and assemble the proposed leadership team...


Meet the Plaintiffs Team Pursuing the Price-Fixing Lawsuit Against 16 Elite Universities


“It is common for defendants in antitrust cases to try to dismiss the case,” Robert D. Gilbert LAW ’82, one of the litigators for the plaintiffs, said. “We anticipated the defendants’ arguments, and are prepared to respond forcefully as the law is in the Plaintiffs’ favor. We look forward to the Court’s resolution of Defendants’ motions, and to moving this case forward.”


Lawyers assess Yale's efforts to dismiss antitrust suit brought against it

Authority Magazine

"Honesty. Being honest — having a reputation for honesty as well as projecting honesty — are extremely important in the practice of litigation. At the end of the day, a judge and jury must believe you."


Top Lawyers: Robert “Bob” Gilbert of Gilbert Litigators & Counselors On the 5 Things You Need to Become a Top Lawyer in Your Specific Field of Law


The Mighty Warrior, The Chief Legal Officer


During the past 30 years the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) role has gone through a gargantuan revolution...pioneers include James L. Lipscomb, Thomas Sabatino, Jeff Kindler and PD Villareal...Chief Legal Officers can be compared to mighty warriors.


Robert D. Gilbert, managing partner of Gilbert Litigators & Counselors and lead firm for the plaintiffs, agreed with Judge Kennelly's ruling and outlined the next steps in the case in comments to Law360.

"We look forward to winning substantial restitution for the 200,000 students who have been harmed by the collusion of these 17 elite universities and to ending their unlawful practices," Gilbert said. "In order to do so, in this next phase of the case, we also look forward to taking the depositions under oath of the decisionmakers at each university who participated in this antitrust conspiracy which has inflicted harm on so many middle-class and working-class families."


Judge Says Top Universities Must Face Financial Aid Suit


“Now defendants do not have any excuse for their collusion, which must end,” Robert D. Gilbert, a lead counsel for the plaintiffs, said in a statement.


Financial Aid Blues: Elite Colleges See Federal Antitrust Exemption Expire As Price-Fixing Lawsuit Advances


“For decades,” attorney Robert Gilbert said of the participating universities, “they exploited the exemption to favour wealthy applicants and families, and to disfavour applicants from middle-class and working-class families.”


Aid-setting exemption ends for top US universities


Former students want to put the massive donations that helped wealthy children get into "need-blind" schools front and center in an antitrust case accusing top private universities of conspiring to limit financial aid, as they blasted a subset of institutions Wednesday for trying to hide those details.

Let Money Talk, Former Students Say In Elite Schools Row - Law360


An Illinois federal judge has refused to spare a subset of top private universities accused of conspiring to limit financial aid from discovery into whether donations helped wealthy children get into "need-blind" schools, finding that liability for one school can be applied to them all.

Dropping Immunity Claim Can't Stop Elite Schools Discovery - Law360


An antitrust lawsuit against a group of top-rated universities has the potential to trigger more generous financial aid packages across U.S. schools.

Elite Universities, Called a Price-Fixing Cartel, May Face Judgment in US Court | Observer

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